Hummingbird Banding at Sipe Wildlife Area
Hummingbird Banding at Sipe Wildlife Area

The White Mountain Audubon Society is involved in several activities which promote conservation of birds and bird habitat and also educate our community about birds.

Christmas Bird Counts

White Mountain Audubon Society hosts an annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC) in December of every year. Teams of birdwatchers spread out in their designated survey areas in Pinetop-Lakeside/Show Low and count every species—and every bird—seen or heard. All our data is submitted to a national repository sponsored by National Audubon Society and is part of an analysis of bird population trends across the continent. The CBC program is the oldest citizen-science bird survey in the world; people have been conducting Christmas Bird Counts since 1900!

Great Backyard Bird Count

Get your binoculars focused on your back yard for this program! The Great Backyard Bird Count, held the third weekend in February of every year, is a voluntary survey where individuals tally the number and species of birds seen at their backyard feeders over a three-day weekend. Surveyors enter their data online, and you can see real-time updates on species numbers and geographic locations. Thousands of people have conducted this survey, and now even schools can participate! For more information, click here. This program is sponsored by National Audubon Society, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, and Wild Birds Unlimited.

Attracting Birds to Your Yard

White Mountain Audubon Society members can also help YOU attract birds to your home through landscaping, nestbox placement, and birdfeeding. If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your yard for wildlife, please contact us. Check our Links page for web sites you can visit which help you create a bird-friendly yard.