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The White Mountain Audubon Society is one of the most active Audubon Chapters in Arizona, hosting birders from our community and the world with a wide variety of activities and bird watching opportunities. Our Calendar is a brief description of most of our monthly activities by date. Check the Special Events and Field Trips pages for additions, changes, and updates. Updates will also appear in the WMAS newsletter and the White Mountain Independent or call (928) 367-2462.

White Mountain Audubon Programs and Field Trips 2019

March 6 - Dave Cagle from Arizona Game & Fish will focus on how the Arizona Game and Fish Department and other agencies manage wetlands with fire and other methods. Photos will include local wildlife including ducks, geese and other birds.

April 3 - Dr. Kevin Gibson, Mining Engineer, Ph.D., will be doing a presentation called "Protect Arizona's Water." It will focus on Arizona's specific concerns and risks associated with the practice of "fracking," and how this can affect the future viability of our state.

April 20 - Field trip to Alchesay National Fish Hatchery

May 1 - Diane Tilton says “Have you seen the new population of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep near Greer and wondered how they got there?” Diane Tilton from Arizona Game & Fish Department will talk about the recent translocations of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep from the Morenci area to reestablish two populations and to supplement another population that suffered losses during the Wallow Fire.

May 18 - Field trip to Pintail Lake

June 1 - Field trip to White Mountain Nature Center & Big Springs

June 5 - Lorna Cox will present a program called “Whiskers in the Woods.” It is about the surprising and secretive gray fox. She says,” I’ve had an up close and personal relationship for years with a gray fox family up here.”

July 3 - Dwayne Bartimus, reptile specialist, will present a program on the animals he rehabilitates.

July 13 -Eighth Annual White Mountain Audubon and Nature Center Film Festival and dinner. This event takes place at the Nature Center, 425 Woodland Rd., Lakeside. Tickets available at the Nature Center or from Board members. See WMAS website for up-to-date information.

July 20 - Field trip to Silver Creek State Fish Hatchery.

August 7 - Gwendena Lee-Gatewood, Apache Tribal Chairwoman, will talk about the positive impact of our Audubon organization from an Apache perspective. She will relate stories of WMAS scholarship recipients and the resulting influence on wildlife and nature.

August 17 - Field trip to Williams Creek National Fish Hatchery

September 4 - Dennis Tomko, President of Northern Arizona Audubon (Flagstaff and Sedona) will give a quick overview of NAAS including membership. He will talk about four bird sanctuaries they’ve developed and the bird species found there. One of the recently developed sanctuaries is Bubbling Ponds.

September 21 - Field trip to Sheep’s Crossing area.

October 2 - Dave Cagle will give us a tour of the West African country of Burkina Faso to experience local wildlife and interesting citizens. Dave will have video and photos of wildlife, including lots of birds, lions, elephants, and antelope.

October 19 - Field trip to Old Hatchery Trail.

November 6 - TBA

December 4 - Holiday Party & Pot Luck. Sue Sitko will show photos of her bike trip along the Vistula River in Poland between Warsaw and Krakow. It’ll be scenic, and since it took place in the summer, there’s sure to be some birds.

Mission Statement

White Mountain Audubon Society is dedicated to the enjoyment of birds and other wildlife by providing environmental leadership and awareness through fellowship, education, community involvement, and conservation programs in the White Mountains and surrounding areas.